August 6, 2020

Jayna is one of the most talented teens I’ve ever come across. She is a gifted musician, actor, and singer. Her vocals are out of this world (like chill worthy) and I just know she will be on our TV’s one day! We had a blast during her session, and I really wanted to showcase her fun and bubbly personality! She traveled all the way from Arkansas to see me, so of course I had to include her best friend Ariana in a couple shots! It’s all about the memories! Senior sessions are becoming a fast favorite, and I’m so excited to be offering them this year!

Follow Jayna on IG at: jaynaglynnmusic

  1. Andy Glynn says:

    Wow! Thank you Rachel ! Incredible pics – definitely worth the trip up to Wisconsin!

  2. Crystal Thornton says:

    Ahhh-mazing. Love everything about this session! All the sides of this talented, going-places-wonderful-girl! And, wow, what a portfolio she has to jump into the world! So glad YOU were the one to capture these special shots. ❤️

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